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anime_names's Journal

Claim a Character!
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Who's your favorite anime character? Well sign
up here, and quickly claim your character! Once
that character is tagged, he or she is yours
alone! Hurry before they're all taken!!

This is the perfect place for you to ramble and
gaggle about your favorite anime character!
Contests and such are held here! ^^

1. Read over the rules.

2. State the character you want (IN THE JOURNAL,

3. State the anime/manga/game your character is from, and
on the subject line please write "CLAIMING/CLAIM"
to make it easier for the claims list updater.

4. 1 character per person, unless the founder or
staff rewards you with another. You must earn it (through contests).

5. Make sure the character that you request is the character you want.
You may not change or switch claims with someone
once you've made a request.

6. If you do not have 2 and 3, your request will
be ignored.

7. Flaming, derogatory words, and the putting
down of others is not tolerated. You will get one
warning. Ignore that warning, and you will be
banned from making comments on the journal.

8. Advertising for other claiming communities is
not allowed here. If you advertise for another
claiming community, your character claim will be
revoked and the advertisement will be deleted.
However, advertisements for other
ANIME/MANGA/GAME communities is acceptable.

9. You are not allowed to claim the same
characters under different names. Such as
Freya and Chii from Chobits, or
Sailor Moon and Usagi from Sailor Moon.

10. If you are going to change your
username....when posting (with the new
name)....please put THE CHARACTER you have, THE
ANIME/MANGA/GAME your character is in, AND your
former username.

11. Feel free to talk about your favorite anime,
manga, or game. Talking about new updates, or posting
fanfics or fanart is acceptable (please LJ-cut if long
or large).


Current List of Claimed Characters

- Aya (sight)


Ayan (sight) (founder, administrator)
Nicole (otohime)(adminstrator)
Krissy (abiding(moderator)

Jibrille (tearslikerain)(retired<3)
Hotaru (dragoncelt)(retired<3)

*note* we are available to answer questions.
However, please do not email us with anything
that can be answered above.

Current Contest: